Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The End of Net Neutrality?

Calling works! I actually called the offices of my two senators and left messages for them from the following...

As you know by now, the Federal Communications Commission is opposing the restoration of real Net Neutrality.  Their proposal would let profiteering Internet service providers choose to make it easier for you to visit some websites -- and harder to visit others
In just one week the FCC will be voting on whether or not to move forward with this destructive plan.
Hundreds of thousands of Demand Progress members have spoken out in support of Net Neutrality this year: We've signed petitions, sent tens of thousands of emails to the Federal Communications Commission, and held meetings between dozens of constituents and their lawmakers.  Demand Progress's Washington, DC staff is engaging directly with lawmakers and their staff.
But we must keep up the pressure on all fronts if we're going to win.
What we need the FCC to do is simple: If it "reclassifies" the Internet as a "telecommunications service" it can restore Net Neutrality.  Done.
We have to put political pressure on the FCC to force it to do just that.  Many lawmakers have already weighed in, but we need more to do so this week.  Please call your senators and tell them:
"I'm a constituent and I need you to call the Federal Communications Commission to tell them to 'reclassify' the Internet as a telecommunications service, and restore Net Neutrality regulations.  The so-called "fix" that they're proposing undermines Net Neutrality."
It'll really just take a minute or two.  Please call:
Here is a link for contact information to the 113th US Senate: CLICK HERE!

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