Friday, December 20, 2013

The Unwritten Rules of Paracord Culture

I am guilty of breaking there rules myself and have learned this lesson the hard way. So, keep these rules in mind when designing a new bracelet or posting anything online.

1/. If you make a new design, check with several Facebook groups and YouTube channels to see if they recognize the design or sift through pictures/videos yourself. Ignore die-hards that call it a variation of someone else's work. Odds are, their designs are a variation of someone's too!

2/. Take a front and back picture OR make a simple tutorial on how to make it. One picture doesn't count for credit. Knots can be deceiving. Several knots in combination can look like other knots.

 3/. Post your pictures on a blog, YouTube, or social media to claim it as your own. Make sure the world can see them. If they are in a closed group, then it doesn't count! That's right... (see below)

4/. Don't assume malice if someone copies your work. With millions of people paracording all over the world, odds are people are going to come up with the same thing; unless they subscribe to your channel and decide to call it something else... ex. Bored Paracord. Check publishing or posting dates and find the REAL creator of the paracord design.

Paracord 101:
Bored Paracord:

5/. If you decide to make someone's design and post it on YouTube or other forms of social media, give the person credit and name it the same thing they named it. It's the civil and right thing to do.

6/. Just be polite no matter what happens.

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