Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's in Paracord 101?

You will find six basic projects to get you started in the craft of paracord: cobra weave, piranha weave, millipede weave, king cobra, neck lanyard, and braided necklace.

Chapter 1 - What do you need?
  • This chapter goes over the basic material you may need to make a paracord bracelet or project.

Chapter 2 - Paracord Prep and the Cobra Weave Bracelet
  • In it, the reader will find how to prep the paracord for a bracelet and weave a basic Cobra Weave or Solomon Bar Bracelet with a 5/8" buckle.
Chapter 3 - Two Color Splicing
  • This three part chapter includes the infamous melt-and-smash method most people use. It also includes the professional looking sleeve-and-stitch method of splicing.

Chapter 4 - Two Color Piranha Weave Bracelet
  • The reader will find how to properly finish the bracelet with a continuous pattern and professional looking bracelet.

Chapter 5 - The Millipede Weave 
  • The millipede weave is an easy and unique looking bracelet to make.

Chapter 6 - King Cobra Weave Key Fob and Diamond Knot
  • This project builds on the newly learned skill of the Cobra Weave and shows the reader how to continue the weave pattern with a second layer known as the King Cobra Weave. The fob is finished off with a diamond (or lanyard) knot.

Chapter 7 - Neck Lanyard with King Cobra Weave and Diamond Knot
  • The king cobra weave is used to help make this useful project for the reader. You can learn how to make your own custom neck lanyard for use at the reader's job, etc.

Chapter 8 - Paracord Necklace with a 3 Color Braid
  • You can show your team spirit or individuality by learning how to make a one-of-a-kind paracord necklace. 

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