Friday, March 30, 2012

Paracord Bracelet

When you decide to make your first paracord bracelet, knowing where to start can be time consuming and difficult. I have pieced together a visual tutorial about how to make a one cord/color paracord bracelet. 

In picture 2, I singed the cord and pinched it with the pliers.  As mentioned in a prior post, this method allows you to pass the paracord through the bracelet with ease.  

Picture 7 shows the use of forceps in keeping the paracord stationary while starting to knot the bracelet.

Pictures 9 through 14 show the steps for knotting the paracord.  

Traditionally in the paracord community this type of knot is called a Cobra Weave or Solomon Bar. In reality, it’s an alternating square knot. It’s all the same thing; see links below.

I am pulling the paracord through in pictures 15 and 16.

I once again singe and pinch to finish the bracelet in picture 18.

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