Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paracord Survival Bracelet vs. Paracord Fashion Bracelet

There are two kinds of paracord bracelets: 1/. paracord survival bracelet and 2/. paracord fashion bracelet. It's as simple as that. The survival bracelet is used by outdoor enthusiasts and the military. The fashion bracelet is a color fashion accessory.

The survival bracelet is usually made of one or two cords that can be used in an emergency situation; aka fast deploy, quick deploy, or instant unravel paracord bracelet. The fashion bracelet usually has singed ends and cannot be easily unraveled.

I will admit it... I wear paracord fashion bracelets. I am man enough to admit it and wear them with confidence.

I was motivated to lean how to make paracord bracelets to show support for my favorite scarlet and cream team - the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I have made team inspired paracord bracelets for friends that like the Iowa Hawkeyes and (the) Ohio State Buckeyes.

Millipede Survival Strap
A Better Emergency Lanyard?

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